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T. H. M. Club Primary Blog/Five Exercises YOU Must Stop Immediately

Five Exercises YOU Must Stop Immediately

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Five Exercises YOU Must Stop Immediately

The FIVE worst exercises EVER!!!

Here are the FIVE absolute worst exercises you can do if you want to get healthy, lose weight, improve your fitness, flatten your stomach, add “life to your years” and “quality of life to your added years!”

1- The hand 🤚 exercise where you use it to pick up forks and use knives 🍴 to raise food to the mouth 👄 to eat excessive amounts of food that are loaded with salt, sugar, preservatives and are highly processed

2- Using your hand, fingers and your phone 📞 to call for takeout of the above types of foods.

3- Exercising and strengthening your weaker emotions that crave comfort and allowing them to convince your logical mind that seeks success, that it is okay to just sit around all day and that not moving is the way to go.

4- Ignoring the growth and changes you see when you look at you in the mirror, ignoring the constant aches and pain, ignoring the fact that you are replacing your entire wardrobe because your old clothes are too tight, ignoring your increasing blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar numbers and the fact that you have no energy for anything but work.

5- Twisting open more and more child-proofed prescription drug bottles and believing they will help you get healthy, when they are designed to be lifelong profit centers for your pharmacy and drug manufactures.

I can show you several exercise programs better than the five above. For example, I created something called the “Walking Wonders Workout” where if you can walk, I will have you running a mile in 12 months or less.
I can also show you a simpler way to figure out an eating plan that will work for you.

By Mark Dulaney

Founder Thee Health Millionaire's Club

This and every article on this blog was written to help you create HEALTH and Independence over depending on HEALTHCARE! 

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