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The 12 Days of New Year's


Just give me 12 minutes a day over 12 days you will learn 12 principles that will allow you make 2023 the year you create the results you have always wanted to create! While the focus of this specific program is to give you a process to create a healthier and Fitter body, it will also show you how to become a More Powerful Person in all areas of life. This includes your career or business, finances, relationships and parenting. This why this we say this program will help you become Healthier, Filler and More Powerful.

8 Simple Rules For Eating Better


Use these 8 simple rules to create your very own personal eating plan for weight loss and great health!

The 12-Day Walk, Water & Mental Challenge


If you give me about a 1/2 hour a dat for 12 days and are will to go for a daily short walk, drink mostly water and allow yourself to be mentally challenged, this course will show you a direct path to the body and the health you want.

68 Days of Becoming Independently Healthy


No promises of success, just the principles that allow you to create the healthy lifestyle that creates the body and the health you want. A lifestyle that includes the eating plans, exercise routines, strategic resting and stress elimination that will fit into your unique and busy life!