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- Exclusive Offer For “Videos Challenge” Members ONLY! -

Would You Like To Attend A Virtual “Implementation Week” So We Can Get Your Sales Presentation & Funnel “Done And BUILT” In Just 4 Days!?!

Get The SAME 4-Day Intensive “Implementation Week” Training That Entrepreneurs Paid $10,000 PER TICKET For…

...At A Fraction Of The Cost, And From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

This is the SAME event that Chin Hua attended BEFORE he ever spoke in front of anyone in his life...
Then in exactly 6 weeks after the event passed he did his first ever 5 figure event. He spoke in a small room of 28 people, spoke for 90 minutes, and closed 12 people on $997 using the same *exact* slide deck that he build in this event.

That $11,964 on his first attempt!

Virtual Implementation Week

Others Paid $10,000 To Attend…

You Can Attend From The Comfort Of Your Home For Just One Payment Of

Just $497 Today!

What Is The Virtual Implementation Week!?!?!

Dear Gamechanger,
As you may know, every year, I run live events in different countries around the world.
At these event, 100 - 1,000 Gamechangers gather from all around the world for 2 days completely immerse themselves in growing their business...

  • ​They learn online marketing…
  • ​Social Media…
  • ​Traffic
  • ​Systems...
  • ​Scaling...

It’s been such a wild success that at one of the LIVE events, we made a crazy offer to take their immersion a GIANT step further…

We offered a 4-Day Intensive Implementation Week Event, where entrepreneurs could fly out to us, and get their online business offer, presentation and system done and BUILT! 

At the Implementation Week Event, We Took Entrepreneurs From Business “Idea” To A LIVE Business…

..And We Did It In Just 4 days!

Sounds equal parts insanity and totally exciting, right?

Now Unfortunately, We’re No Longer Running These Implementation Week Events… 

That’s the BAD news...
As much as I love teaching those events, it got so intensive and hands-on, it got to be too much for my team and I to continue to offer, while trying to grow our business.
But the GOOD news  is that I still want to give you that same Implementation week experience that our top success stories have gone through while building their online business. 
This was a high-end event…

Each Entrepreneur Who Came To The Implementation Week Event Paid $10,000 To Fly To Malaysia And Sit In That Room!

(And that’s just for the actual Implementation Week ticket...that didn’t include the air ticket, hotel, and other miscellaneous expenses!)
By the time all was said and done, most of them probably paid upwards of $12,000-$15,000 to experience what I’m offering you right now…

Each Entrepreneur Who Came To The Implementation Week Event Paid $10,000 To Fly To Malaysia And Sit In That Room!

Since we’re no longer hosting these Implementation Week events LIVE, you have an incredible opportunity to experience the power of the Implementation Week from the comfort of your own home…
...without having to deal with stressful travel…
...without being away from your family…
...and without the crazy hotel, airline tickets, and travel costs that can get out of hand FAST!  
This is your CHANCE to get in on the SAME level of world-class hands-on training, at a fraction of the cost!  
You’re on this page, which means you’ve taken a leap and got Videos Challenge, which is awesome!

Videos Challenge is the FIRST piece you need…

It covers the fundamental SKILL that will allow you to communicate what it is that you do on video.  
That’s the FIRST step… (that’s the “know-how” part…)
But the NEXT step is IMPLEMENTING & MONETIZING and figuring out how to create a compelling offer online, to get your online funnel, webinar and presentation up and running fast, so you can sell to your audience!

That’s where a lot of entrepreneurs get STUCK!

I’m going to give you the SAME Implementation Week training - including all the recordings, the videos, the workbooks, etc…
But because it’s a VIRTUAL Implementation Week event, I’m able to give it to you at a deep discount!  
(It’s a win win!)

The Virtual Implementation Week Is NOT For Everyone…

This is NOT for you if:

  • ​You aren’t willing to work hard for 4 days of your life so that you can get your business off the ground and running… (most businesses take months or YEARS to get started!)
  • ​You’re looking to hoard more “information” (you have enough of that already - time to IMPLEMENT…)
  • ​You lack discipline... This is 4 days of serious, hands-on heavy work. But it’s absolutely DOABLE, and we’ll show you step by step, move by move, every step of the way... (And when the 4 days are done? You’ve got a business that’s ready to start driving traffic to!)

If you’re ready to get down to business and build your online company, and get it up and running NOW  (not 6 months or a year from now), then this immersive experience is for you!

Here’s my suggestion…

Block out ONE weekend on your calendar...  
Go through the videos, workbook and transcripts…
Get your business done and BUILT.  
At the end of the 4 days, instead of having a business “idea”, you’ll have a fully functional online system that is ready to start generating leads and sales!
When entrepreneurs came to the Implementation Week event, it was 4 days of INTENSIVE training!  
We showed them step-by-step what to do...pausing after EACH slide so they could implement it then.
We did the same thing with Slide 2…
And Slide 3…
And slides 4, 5, 6, 7…
...and so on, until the entire thing has been implemented.  
By the time they left the event on Day 4, they had BUILT their online business!  
Not bad, right?  
Can you imagine 4 days from now having a fully-set-up business that’s DONE and ready for you to send people through your online business?  
Crazy, right?
But that’s the kind of “crazy” implementation that got our TOP marketers the results they have today as the result of being in that room in 4 days.
This is your chance to be a part of that SAME implementation workshop, and get your business built FROM scratch in just 4 days - - from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Get Started With The VIRTUAL Implementation Week Today:

1 -  The Implementation Week Manual

The Manual is a GIANT step-by-step curriculum “playbook” of everything we’ll cover during your 4-day intensive experience!

With the Implementation Week manual, you can:

  • ​Follow along, as you move slide-by-slide through the video trainings
  • ​Take notes and key takeaways
  • ​Choose which stories you want to include
  • ​Creating a compelling offer that’s truly world class

This is your space where you can get ALL of your ideas and thoughts out of your head and onto paper in an organized manner.  
I’m giving you the digital manual. When you’re ready to begin your 4-day Implementation Week training, print the manual out, and follow along as you move through the training!

2 - ALL The Implementation Week Video Trainings

Just as if you were sitting in the room with me, you can click PLAY, and I’ll go through and explain how to IMPLEMENT and build out Slide 1.  
Click PAUSE.  
Go do it.  
And when it’s done, click PLAY again.   
It’s literally that simple…and that’s exactly how we ran our LIVE Implementation Week event!  
This implementation training is designed to go slide by slide, and DO the material along with me, WITHOUT moving forward until you’ve completed each step!  
The thing that you need isn’t more information. It’s implementation.
All you have to do is follow along, and plug in your own information…
When you’re ready for Slide 7, push PLAY.  
When you’re ready for Slide 13, push PLAY.  
Do this with each slide, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have your entire slide deck and presentation COMPLETE, with an online funnel that’s ready to send traffic to!

3 – Behind the Scenes to Running a Profitable Webinar LIVE

As a bonus and to prove that the entire thing works, I did a LIVE online webinar in front of my students. I used the exact same slide deck I built with them, the same open, presentation style and offer. To show that this was all very doable, I kept the webinar size to 100 people. After 90 minutes, 14 people invested in what I had to offer at $997.
You will get to see behind the scenes to *exactly* how $13,958 was generated in 90 minutes. The setup. The funnel. The tech. The adrenalin rush. Everything.

“But Peng Joon, This Sounds Intense…What If I Don’t Have 4 FULL Days In A Row To Do This?”

I get it. We all have busy lives. 
That’s how we had our LIVE event set up, so we could get our clients full immersion with fastest results possible.
It’s a very packed, let’s do it NOW, type of training.  
If you have 4 days that you can set aside, do it! 
If you need to modify the schedule to make it work for you, then do what works for you.
(That’s the beauty of being able to experience the event virtually - you’re in control of the PLAY/PAUSE button and how you consume the content!) 

  • ​If it means taking 1 day per week until it’s done…
  • ​Or 1 hour per night…
  • ​Or a few minutes each night after your kids go to sleep…
  • ​Or whatever learning style works best for you...

Adjust it however you need to in order to get your business BUILT! 

This Implementation Week Event Training Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else!

In fact, this is the first time we’ve offered this training to ANYONE since we stopped doing the Implementation Week events…
This is an EXCLUSIVE offer, and it’s available ONLY to those who have taken the leap, and purchased the Videos Challenge!  
So this is your opportunity to take advantage of a $10,000 immersive training (where you can get your business done and BUILT in 4 days)...right from the comfort of home, and at a fraction of a fraction of the cost!

So What Are You Waiting For!?!

Start Your Virtual Implementation Week NOW!

Others Paid $10,000 To Attend…

You Can Attend From The Comfort Of Your Home For Just One Payment Of

Just $497 Today!

Try out the program for 30 days.

I know that you’ll love this training so much that if you do not believe that this training is the best training 
of its kind, forward the receipt to us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
… and we’ll still part as friends. 
Is that cool?
So you don’t even have to decide right now. Get access to the training, implement the system, build your funnels, because you have a full 30 days to try it out risk-free.

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